Services & Techniques

Chiropractic Care

Dr. Schneider uses gentle hands on techniques to make spinal adjustments. He also uses an Arthrostim instrument to gently realign the bones in the spine. Dr. Schneider is certified in the Chiropractic Biophysics technique which allows him to correct many serious postural problems of the spine. If you have pain in your neck, back or headaches as a result of an auto crash -or any injury -Dr. Schneider can examine and provide the right treatment to help you get relief from your pain. Don’t live with pain-come see Dr. Schneider.


To help you recover from injury Dr. Schneider recommends corrective exercises that strengthen and/or stretch the injured muscles and ligaments in your body. You can then repeat these exercises on your own at home, the gym or at work.

Message Therapy/Muscle Work

To stimulate, relax, and rehabilitate your body we specialize in the FAKTR message/treatment protocols which involves a wide variety of state of the art muscle procedures to rehab injured muscles and ligaments. This system of care is being used on many of the best athletes in the world today. We also provide vibrational message with the ‘genie rub’.