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Dr. Schneider specializes in family chiropractic care but he also focuses on athletic and trauma injuries from auto accidents and other accident injuries.. Dr. Schneider has practiced for 36 years and always strives to stay current with all the latest techniques in Chiropractic so that he may provide cutting edge treatment for his patients. Dr. Schneider also serves his profession as the chair of public health committee for the Oregon
Chiropractic Association.

Currently Dr. Schneider is experienced in the application of the FAKTR treatment Protocols and is certified in Chiropractic Biophysics and the Nimmo Receptor Tonus Techniques. The FAKTR system of treatment involves the use of special instruments and Kinesio taping to help speed repair of injured muscles and ligaments. All of these techniques allow Dr. Schneider to achieve excellent results when treating folks with all  types of injuries. Just recently Dr. Schneider  received his Certification as a Healthexcel Metabolic Advisor. Healthexcel is a new cutting edge system which allows Dr. Schneider to advise clients as to their ideal diets so that they can attain optimal heath and weight control.

You should also know that Dr. Schneider has a genuine concern for your well-being!  I will do all in my power to relieve my patients pain and restore their health to the highest level possible.

My new office is located between Freemont and Prescott on NE 49th Avenue. There is plenty of free street parking in front of my house. I think you will enjoy the cozy-homey feel of my home office

If you were in a car accident you should know that your insurance will cover up to $15,000 of medical treatment-including chiropractic care-for pain relief and rehabilitation from any auto accident related injuries. This means there is no out of pocket expense for car accident exam, X-rays, chiropractic care, or muscle treatments.

When  you are ready to get some relief from your pain give my office a call and I will schedule you for a convenient, prompt appointment-usually the same day.

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Dr. Schneider is an Excellent Pain Specialist! –
Dr. Schneider is a Wonderful, Excellent Pain Specialist.
I personally recommend your placing your entire
Chiropractic Health Care in his magical hands!

Pamela Thomas

Very Knowledgeable – I have been working with
Dr. Schneider to treat some chronic pain in my
upper back and jaw from past car accidents and
TMJ. My level of pain has dropped tremendously
thanks to his skilled assessment and treatments.
I have tried physical therapy, acupuncture,
shiatzu massage and even other chiropractors
and none have provided the relief that I have
received with Dr. Schneider.